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CHA Series

Heatless Pressure-Swing Desiccant Air Dryer
Capacity: 2,000 - 14,000 SCFM
Dew Points: -40°F & -100°F
Models: 2000CHA - 12100CHA
Manufacturer: SPX Pneumatic Products

The CHA Series Heat-Les Dryers are the most dependable large flow desiccant heatless dryers made because of their simple design that minimizes the number of moving parts. CHA dryers operate at pressures ranging from 60 to 150 psig and can deliver a -40 or -100°F dew point. A custom size CHA dryer can be built to meet your applications requirements. PPC's patented AMLOC energy management system incorporated into CHA dryers can also deliver energy savings from 20 to 80% of design.

These dryers can be used in continuous or intermittent service, downstream of oil lubricated or oil-free compressors, and are compatible with corrosive, toxic or explosive environments. Every unit we build incorporates our AMLOC® energy management system to assure long component life cycles and maximum energy savings.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple design with few moving parts for economical first cost and dependable operation.
  • Legendary Century Series control valves feature stainless steel internal parts designed specifically for desiccant dryer service and tested to 1,000,000 cycles, bubble-tight.
  • AMLOC® Energy Management System for maximum energy savings.
  • Advanced Dryer Control System (ADC) includes a functioning schematic for easy reference to system operation.
  • Down-flow drying extends desiccant life 5 to 7 years and prevents desiccant attrition during upset (fluidization) conditions.


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CHA Series - Heat-Les™ Desiccant Dryer